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Your land has a story, and we're here to help you tell it.

Every piece of land is unique with special characteristics-- which will require thoroughness, attention, and hustle to receive the most amount of money for it.


You've put years of labor, cash, time, and resources into your land. Maybe even shared some memories on it that will be hard to let go. If you are expecting a land brokerage to respect what you've built and poured your life into... and help you maximize the amount of proceeds upon the sale.... you've come to the right place.

At Veritas Real Estate Co., we pride ourselves in our hustle and expertise to change your property from "for sale" to "SOLD". Using top of the line technology, cutting edge marketing techniques, story-telling, and plain hustle, we go to bat for our clients to ensure we make clients for life.

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Selling: Selling

Why Our Clients are Satisfied:


Powerful Advertising

We put hustle and unrelenting energy to ensure your land is reaching every single potential buyer. Using avenues like internet advertising, social media/ targeted advertising and email marketing to create a heavy presence around your property is our strategy.

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Professional Offerings

Not only do we want to reach potential buyers, but we want to hook them when they do show interest. We take time to gather hundreds of information points that will help sell your land and construct state of the art, visually appealing offerings to change prospects to buyers.


Profit Maximizing Negotioations

With over 30 years combined experience and hundreds of properties successfully closed, we go to bat for our clients and professionally negotiate down to every last dollar. 

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Thorough Market Analysis

We keep our fingers on the pulse of the market. We strive to ensure your land is competitively priced and spend the necessary hours of research to deliver market analysis to make 100% sure your land is competitively priced and maximize your profit.


Visually Stunning Media

What we can’t sell with our words we certainly can with media. We spend the extra resources to obtain the highest quality photography and editing. We hire professionals to capture high resolution photos, aerial shots, and aesthetically attractive editing. We spend the time to use storytelling in video format to hook prospects. 



If someone has even thought about buying a piece of land, we make sure your property is in front of them. Paid advertising avenues used such as,, Livestock Weekly, Google PPC, Instagram/Facebook shorts, etc. We have a qualified clientele list ready to pull the trigger on land we send new listings to.

Featured Advertising On:

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and many more...

Our Recent Sales

"Interesting.. But I Have Questions..."

So ask away. Or if you prefer, call or text us, ANYTIME!: 806 853-SELL (7355)

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Gayle P., Castro County

"Corey helped me and my brothers to sell our 405 acre family farm. Even though it was appprox 100 miles from Lubbock, Corey made several trips to walk the property, get to know the layout, and take pictures in order to be knowledgeable about the land. He carefully researched other property in the area to get us the fairest and best price per acre. In order to ge the property "out there" he used various websites and kept us closely informed about how many hits the sites received. Corey was very patient in answering any questions that we had and he made sure to ask us questions about the property that only we would know. He kept in touch with us and helped us through each step of the process. I found Corey to be polite, honest and determined as well as a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend him."
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