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Slover Ranch: Motley County 853 (+/-) acres

Veritas Real Estate Co is happy to announce the exclusive offering of Slover Ranch. Welcome to a world where nature's beauty unfolds before your very eyes, and where serenity and adventure coexist harmoniously. Nestled in the heart of Motley County, Texas, lies a breathtaking 853-acre ranch, a sanctuary that will leave you breathless with its unparalleled charm and boundless possibilities.

A landscape that transcends ordinary boundaries. The ranch has a fair share of terraced grasslands and cultivated fields, enabling the owner to plant deer food plots, or feed for grazing.  Here, cut canyons and outwash terraces interweave with native pastures, creating an enchanting tapestry of nature's touch.

Here, 5 stock ponds mirror the azure Texas sky. Flowing through this ranch is the illustrious Tom Ball Creek, a live creek that defies droughts and stands as a testament to the resilience of this extraordinary haven.

For those who seek the thrill of the hunt, this ranch reveals a paradise of possibilities. Abundant mule deer populate these vast lands, offering exhilarating pursuits for the avid hunter. Quail, sandhill crane, turkey, ducks, and even hogs add to the allure, creating a vibrant ecosystem that stirs the senses and ignites the spirit of adventure.

Envision a canvas where nature's masterpiece meets seclusion and exclusivity. Bound by the embrace of expansive neighboring ranches, this sanctuary exists in a world of its own. Yet, the pulse of civilization remains within reach, with the charming town of Turkey, Texas, a mere 21 miles away, and the community of Matador, TX, just 15 miles from your ranch. The vibrant city of Lubbock awaits a mere 1.5-hour drive, promising the perfect balance of solitude and connectivity.

Nature's wonders extend beyond this haven, with the majestic Caprock Canyons State Park a mere 17 miles away, offering endless exploration and awe-inspiring vistas. From Quitique Peaks and Antelope Hill to the captivating Rolling Plains foothills and the iconic Caprock Escarpment, this landscape bestows upon you a front-row seat to Mother Nature's grandeur, a sight that will leave you forever captivated.

As you wander through the pasture lands, you'll discover that this ranch is more than just a breathtaking haven; it's a testament to thoughtful stewardship. Barbed wire perimeter fencing on the south Section ensures optimal conditions for cattle grazing, providing both practicality and an opportunity to nurture the land's potential.

So, dear reader, surrender to the allure of this ranch, where dreams take flight, where nature's beauty envelops you, and where the tapestry of life weaves itself into a masterpiece that words can scarcely describe. Allow your heart to be enticed, and let your spirit soar as you envision the possibilities that await within this sanctuary of dreams. Schedule a visit and step into a world where nature's embrace is yours to cherish.

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Tremendous views
Tom Ball Creek
Slover Ranch
Tom Ball Creek Slover Ranch
Big Skies in Slover Ranch
Tom Ball Creek
Ranch Land
Pasture Land
Stock Pond and Pasture
Stock Pond with Ducks
Outline and Legend
Stock Pond
Mule Deer
Stock Pond
Mule Deer Survey 2022
Mule Buck
Cut Canyons
Pasture land for grazing
Boundaries an CR frontage

Property Details:

  • 853(+/-) acres 

  • Motley County

  • 20 minutes south of Turkey, TX

  • 15 minutes north of Matador

  • 2 parcels, 640 acres and 213 acres

  • Tom Ball Creek in south section

  • 5 stock ponds

  • ~252 acres of terraced land for cultivation or food plots

  • A mix of native pasture, outwash terraces, cut canyons, and terraced fields

  • Electricity and well on north parcel

  • Perimeter fencing on south parcel

  • Surrounded by large ranches

  • Gateway Groundwater District

  • -Ag Exempt

  • 2022 taxes: $1,647.75

  • $1550/ac or $1,322,150

Woodrow Rd. - HWY 87 Development 87: Text

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